Preparation for an interview is crucial, it won’t guarantee you the job, but it will
guarantee you the best fighting chance – so we have put together a few important points to get you started –

Interviews are a two way meeting, not only does this potential employer need to ascertain if YOU are the person for the role, considering your skills and team fit, but YOU also need to figure out from this meeting if this is the right company and role for you.

Ensure your CV is up to date, and then, read it thoroughly in the run up to the interview.

The information on your CV should be 2nd nature to you. Of course you can use your CV as a reference point in the interview. but, not as a reminder of what you did in your previous roles.

It is vital that you ‘dress to impress’, whether you like it or not your appearance if the first thing people notice about you, some say first impressions are made within a 10th of a second, and first impressions definitely last.

Understand the job spec, and have relevant examples ready, if thee is a skill set required on the job spec then ensure you have a strong example to discuss, as it is likely this will be covered in the interview.

Know the company, understanding their vision, products or service and company values is crucial.

Your interview style should demonstrate your passion and hunger for the role and the company, thorough research will set you apart from your competition.

Prepare relevant examples demonstrating your skills.

Be positive and remember your manners from the Reception to the interview room and back again!

Good Luck!

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