So, I’ve always wanted to see The Alhambra – having loved all things Tudor for as long as I could remember I could only imagine Catherine of Aragon growing up in such a beautiful palace and gardens in a fabulous climate and what a shock it must have been for her to rock up in rainy old England at the age of 15 to marry a man she had never met.

Despite multiple visits to Spain I never made it there until last week when Richard and I set off for a mini break. Granada is a beautiful city, not too big, lots for everyone – culture, shopping, great food and wine and fabulous weather. We stayed right in the heart of it but in a hotel with a lovely terraced gardens so once you were inside you felt miles away from all the action.

I’d booked a tour (you do that when you’re older) and couldn’t wait to see the palace, fortress and the beautiful gardens and it didn’t disappoint. Rich said I was my usual swat like self answering lots of questions posed by the tour guide but he never mentioned Catherine once… I asked about her at the end. But to my great disappointment she never ever lived there. I was so surprised I didn’t even challenge this but on another tour the following day (really old 😂) I asked the same question of a different tour guide and apparently her living there is a big myth……not going to lie I was choked. I re-googled it and plenty of websites still peddle this but it’s definitely fake news. Regardless Granada is a wonderful place to spend a few days and I’d go back again in a heartbeat.



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