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Happy Happy Birthday to the other Boss!

What better present than a bouquet of CHOCOLATE for the man with a very sweet tooth! Happy Birthday to Richard! I am sure he is gutted we didn’t get to also have the sausage baps like normal but I am sure it wont take you long to make your way through this chocolate.

Happy Happy Birthday to the Boss!

We’d normally be celebrating together with a Sausage Bap and a Coffee (we’re easily pleased), we can’t wait to celebrate when we’re all back together. In the meantime, hope you have a lovely day. xx  

Peach Team

We’re working differently …..

Like all businesses we grabbed our handbags, laptops, files and favourite mugs and left our offices in Windsor on March 23rd.  From then until the end of August it was pretty quiet on all things recruitment as the majority of our clients adapted to the “new norm” – we hate that term but it’s the […]

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