Its always a nice feeling to get sent such positive feedback sent to us!


Good Morning Amanda,

I am writing just to thank your organisation for helping place me in a temporary position that has led to full time employment.

In particular I would really like to highlight the professionalism of Hannah Roose and her support for me during a 10 month period that was originally proposed as a one month contract.

During that time Hannah was very supportive of me and regularly called to check in to see how things were going which I found really supportive and encouraging.

I felt she briefed me very well before meeting the client and emphasised the importance of the reliability they were looking for and all the information she gave me made me at ease and ensured I gave a good impression on Peach’s behalf.

I will highly recommend Peach Personnel to anyone seeking Temporary Employment and equally, to any Employers looking for a reputable Recruitment Agency.



We’ve been so pleased with Chris; he had no experience in this area, but such the right attitude and skills and we’re really pleased he’s becoming a permanent part of the team.

I keep telling me colleagues to contact you about various pieces of work, so I hope you are getting some other roles in from some of my colleagues.

I’m sure I will be in touch again soon.


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