After what seems like the long days of winter have passed, the time is finally approaching, when it’s time to thaw, time to smell the moist dirt, time to feel the warm sunbeams and time to see the flower bulbs poke up from the ground.

It’s the season when days begin to get longer and warmer and when we can finally put away the big coats, scarves, and woolly hats!

Spring is my favourite season – the warmer weather where it isn’t too hot or cold, the sky is blue, the days are longer. You can take nice long walks and see the flowers bloom in different happy colours and the trees go green!

I have to say Spring gives me that ‘spring’ in my step…….

So, with that we have Shrove Tuesday tomorrow which is a good day to have some flippin’ great fun 😉 Pancake Day is always something that is looked forward to in my house with my two boys having a very sweet tooth………… Ronnie always keeps it simple opting for the standard lemon and sugar whereas Archie must get his drizzled with lots of chocolate Nutella …………… what’s your favourite topping? Ronnie loves being able to have a dabble in the kitchen when he can, this weekend he put his mind to making a lemon and lime cheesecake on a coconut biscuit base it was very tart but delicious, he did a great first attempt!

We are seeing Daffodils, I always try and have a little jar of daffodils in my house in Spring, which leads me to the Great Daffodil Appeal which helps Marie Curie support everyone in the UK through all aspects of dying, death and bereavement and fight for a world where everyone gets the care and support, they need at the end of their lives.

You can support this in lots of ways, one being ‘stepping into Spring’ and taking 10,000 steps every day in March which is also a great fitness goal. For other ways to get involved take a look at their website:

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