A shout out to Gretchen Luna, whilst temping for us she’s managed to write a book, which she’s just had published and we wanted to congratulate her on this amazing achievement and say how proud we are of her.

Through the Highs, Lows & Everything in Between….. I love you,  is a tribute to the entire spectrum of love, and the other emotions in its close vicinity it evokes in all of us.

Gretchen explores all shades of love poetry; the old, the new, the familial, the romantic, the platonic, the self love.

Well Done Gretchen, we know how hard you worked on this, we can’t wait to read this and wishing you all the best!

Through the highs, lows and everything in between… I love you: Amazon.co.uk: Luna, Gretchen: 9798793982382: Books


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