I had a meeting with a client on Monday who we’ve dealt with for years.  By his own admission, the offices aren’t the smartest, their location is not the easiest to get to or in the best part of town, nor do they pay top dollar.  But what they may lack in these aspects they make up for in others.  It’s just a really happy place to work and this is evident from the minute you walk into the building and the way that you’re greeted by their fabulous Receptionist. Everyone is smiling and they all seem to have time for each other.  People laugh and joke – not always about the most politically correct subjects but no one takes offence as no harm is meant as it’s all done in a good natured and respectful way.  Put simply this is a company with personality – or a company that allows its’ people to show their personalities and it just works.  Their staff have worked there for years, we love working with them as do our Temps.

It just goes to prove that attracting and retaining a talented workforce often isn’t about the high salaries, the swanky offices, the polished and professional demeanour.  It’s more often about creating an environment where people simply want to go to every day and do their best –  but enjoy it along the way.

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