Peach Team

Like all businesses we grabbed our handbags, laptops, files and favourite mugs and left our offices in Windsor on March 23rd.  From then until the end of August it was pretty quiet on all things recruitment as the majority of our clients adapted to the “new norm” – we hate that term but it’s the only to describe how things are today.

As the re-opening of schools loomed and companies started returning to offices, opportunities started to trickle through, the majority of them temporary as everyone seems unsure of what the coming months will bring and are reluctant to make commitments that they can’t keep.   But we’re incredibly grateful for whatever comes our way, as are our Temps who’ve secured new positions during this difficult time.

Is it back to normal?  Of course it’s not.  No more meeting in person but Zooms a plenty.  No more coffee and catch ups, but quick chats and Whatsapps.  No more running to M&S or Waitrose for lunch as apart from the odd day back at the office we’re working from home or still not working at all.  But we are still here at the end of the phone and if we’re not around to take your call we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

So here’s to better times ahead.

Stay safe, stay well, stay positive


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